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          CJ George

I had an awesome time taking my senior pictures with Melissa.  I knew that I wanted a city background but I didn’t know what location would be best and Melissa found the perfect spot in Fort Lauderdale. Melissa has a great eye for scenery and will make you feel super comfortable while taking pictures with her. I recommend that all my senior friends get their pictures taken with Melissa.  Her passion for photography and skill behind a camera combine for the best pictures in every photoshoot.

        Sabine Doliny

"I had the amazing experience of working with Melissa Long Photography for my senior pictures! Melissa is extremely flexible regarding when to schedule appointments and locations. I knew that I wanted to have a grassy area but somewhere with pretty landscape as well and Melissa came up with the perfect setting! Right before I met with her, I was able to get my makeup done by Danielle, her partner. Amazing job! I was able to choose three outfits, a different feel for all three and different backgrounds. I was really satisfied with how my pictures turned out!"

Sandy 6.jpg

    Sandy Hegemen

"Working with Melissa Long Photography was great! I have no experience modeling or participating in photo shoots but she was very patient and helpful. She clearly wants you to get the most out of your time and money, and allows you to have a big say in everything that's happening. You get to pick your outfits, locations, hair, and more. My session was unfortunately rained out the first time, but she was right on top of rescheduling a new time that would work for both of us. I really enjoyed the process of taking the pictures because it was a stress-free environment, and I also love how the pictures came out!"

       McKenna Keith

“Melissa was so nice to work with and took amazing pictures!! I would definitely recommend her for teens looking to do senior photo shoots. Thank you so much Melissa!"

        Abby Snider

"My experience with Melissa was absolutely amazing. We had so much fun during my senior photo shoot and her photos are awesome! Melissa and I had a great time and laughed tons! I highly suggest getting your pictures done by her! You won't be disappointed!!"

Alexa 29.jpg

          Alexa Wells

"Working with Melissa as a representative of Melissa       Long Photography has been a fun and amazing             opportunity. I made friends with the other reps and        bonded with Melissa too.Melissa is a very fun and              professional person. I really enjoyed doing shoots            with her. I got to choose my own outfits, hair and             makeup. During my own senior session, I even got to choose my favorite location! Melissa meets your              needs and is such a joy to be around. The vibe was              great and I always found myself laughing with                Melissa. My family and I love how the pictures from       every shoot came out. I am so happy I had the                 opportunity to work with such a great photographer."

Emily 33.jpg

     Emily Christopoul

"Working with Melissa was a pleasure! When I first met her, I was welcomed into her home by herself and her husband. They made me and all of the other reps feel like family. The atmosphere Melissa provided was comforting and uplifting. She truly knew how to make me feel supported and beautiful. The first photoshoot I did with Melissa was vintage themed. Everything looked awesome! She knew the perfect location for us. When we first started, the other reps and I were nervous and didn’t know what to do or how to pose but Melissa stepped in, taught us what to do and showed us our true beauty. The reps and I took so many pictures together and really connected. We went to a beautiful location and got to express ourselves through props and poses. By the end of that day, Melissa, myself and the other reps had bonded like family! That bond only grew with time, along with my confidence level. Before shooting with Melissa, I wasn’t comfortable on camera but now I love it and couldn’t be happier with how I’ve grown and developed since becoming a rep for her."