Emily's senior session

Emily is the perfect combination of beauty, brains and brawn. She's got it going on! We decided to do her shoot at Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. I had never shot here before but I plan to go back again soon. It was a great spot with a lot of versatility. It was pretty hot out but you never would have known. Emily was a trooper!

Yohanna did a fabulous job on her hair and makeup and Emily did a wonderful job picking out her outfits. Every outfit she chose looked amazing on her. She had an awesome variety of styles and she rocked every one. After Emily's second outfit change, we needed a place for Yohanna to hook up the curling iron to touch up her hair. Turns out, the only plug we could find happened to be right outside a restaurant with huge windows. We provided some great entertainment for the people eating by the windows and I'm sure many people were wondering what the heck we were doing. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do and these shoots often require thinking outside the box lol

We got some pretty cool, unexpected opportunities on this shoot. Sequin let us use their store to take pictures in. Emily also got to model some of their beautiful earrings and bracelets.

A nice lady let us use her adorable dog to take some pictures with.

Emily is in ROTC at her school and is a star marksman. So of course, we had to capture some pictures that personify "Don't mess with me. I'm beautiful but tough." Love these shots!

We ended the evening on the beach. Emily's dress flowed beautifully in the breeze and we couldn't have asked for better weather to finish off our amazing shoot. (click any picture to see it enlarged)