Allison's senior session

Let me start by saying, Allison is such an amazing girl!! We have both been through some crazy tough things at a young age that have made us both look at life differently than most, appreciate the small things and not take anything for granted. I love when I meet people who treat life the same way I do. Unfortunately so many people are so negative, ungrateful and don't value life so I'm very drawn to people who have a positive outlook despite their struggles and that is Allison to the tee. We spent the car ride down to Fort Lauderdale exchanging stories and getting to know each other better. As much fun as I had photographing Allison, getting to spend this extra quality time with her was my favorite part of the day.

She started her shoot in a beautiful pink dress. It fit her adorable frame so well and she totally rocked it. Her next outfit was fun and sparkly. The sun kept hitting it just right and I love how those pictures came out. Allison used to live in Fort Lauderdale so she knew some cool spots. I had never been to this area before so I was really glad to have somewhere different to shoot. I go crazy for new, fun spots! We were right on the intercostal waterway for most of her shoot. There is something so calming and relaxing about being near water. I just love it! 

We ended her shoot on the rooftop of her old condo. Talk about some GORGEOUS views! The sun was setting behind us over the water and the city and it was magical. We were at least 20 stories up too. Such an awesome spot! Allison wore a stunning, long black dress and the shots we captured on the rooftop are definitely my favorite from her shoot. What a great day!!! (click on any picture to see it enlarged)