Payton's senior session

Payton is by far one of the sweetest girls I've ever photographed. I had so much fun with her for her shoot! She wanted to incorporate her love for cheerleading into her session so we started at her school, Coral Glades High. She looked adorable in her cheerleading uniform. It was SO hot outside and the sun was blazing when we first started the shoot. Thank God I had one of my awesome hair and makeup artists with us to help me hold a reflector so we had some shade. Payton chose to have Yohanna come along to her school and change up her hairstyle after her cheerleading pictures. After this was accomplished and her makeup was touched up, we jumped in the car and headed to Ft. Lauderdale.

The car ride down to Fort Lauderdale was one of my favorite parts of her shoot for several reasons. First off, it was air conditioned in the car and it felt great. We'd both been sweating like crazy when we were outside at her school. Next, we were jamming to country music and lastly, I really got the opportunity to learn more about her and let me tell you, she is one AMAZING girl. Payton chose downtown Fort Lauderdale which is a spot that I love. There are so many looks you can get from doing a shoot here, from rugged to urban to classy. You also get the opportunity to be right on the water. I loved all three of her outfits. She proved she can look good in anything. One of her outfits was urban themed with converses (yay!) and from that she went to dressy with five inch heels. Love it!

This was hands down the most adventurous shoot I've ever done. So much so that some of the things we did have to stay between Payton and I because I'm pretty sure we broke a few rules ;) Check out where Payton overcame her fear of heights to get this awesome shot.

We were seven stories up, with no rails and that's the city of Fort Lauderdale below us. Love this shot!!

I've been a photographer for four years now and have never had to use my nursing skills on a shoot...until this one. We were getting some final shots ofPayton in her dressy outfit when out of nowhere, she said she felt like she was going to pass out. I sat her down immediately and within seconds, she went ghost white, started sweating profusely and shortly thereafter, vomited. I instantly knew what was happening to her because I'd experienced this many times myself back in the day. Come to find out, she hadn't eaten anything but a donut all day and we'd been walking around downtown Ft. Lauderdale and sweating in the heat for the last three hours. She was having a hypoglycemic attack (low blood sugar level). Word of advice, especially during the summer: Make sure you eat before doing a shoot with me. Between the heat and the crazy poses/positions I have you doing, you will get a bit of a workout in! I'd prefer not to have any more of my seniors go through what Payton did. Poor girl. She was such a trooper though! Thank goodness we were right by a restaurant and I was able to run inside and grab her something to eat and drink to help bring her sugar levels up. Its amazing how quickly your body responds once you get your sugar levels back to a normal range. Within five minutes after eating something, she felt better. We cut the last part of her shoot short and decided to hang out by the water for a bit. I can't think of a better way to end an amazing shoot. Minus the sick part, we had a blast! (click on any picture to see it enlarged)