Hannah's senior session

Hannah is a very talented actress and singer. When I was thinking of the perfect spot for her shoot, Wynwood Walls in Miami came to mind. I touched base with her a week before her shoot and she suggested Wynwood to me. PERFECT! We were both thinking the exact same thing so this session was really meant to be photographed there :)

Wynwood is an art district full of culture, good food, music and gorgeous artwork graffitied on walls by numerous talented artists. In several of the pictures, we had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for people to clear the walkways just so we could get the perfect shot. Wynwood is definitely poppin' on the weekends!!

Hannah needs headshots for her college applications so that's how we started her shoot. I am in love with so many of these. I would have never been able to narrow them down to only one to send to the colleges but she did it. This was the one she chose:

South Florida-photography-professional photographer-photography website-local photographer-teens-high school senior-photos-portrait photographer-58 copy.jpg

Next, she changed into her fun outfits and that's when we really started roaming the streets. We found random fences, gates and stairs to take pictures on as well as so many cool artwork spots. I even had her jump in the middle of a road for some awesome shots. SOO much fun! I LOVE this spot and always get excited when a senior wants their shoot here. Hannah, you have such a bright future ahead of you. I can't wait to see you on the big stages someday. (click on any picture to see it enlarged)