Senior Rep Session

I couldn't be more excited about the eight girls that I have working alongside me for the next year and a half! They are gorgeous, funny, have great personalities and are just a blast to be around. I feel so thankful to have such awesome girls representing my business.

You may be wondering, what is the point of a rep program? First and foremost, for me, its about developing a relationship with each of my girls and giving them a chance to make special memories for their senior year. There aren't many opportunities like this in South Florida so it really is something amazing to be a part of. In exchange for my reps sharing their pictures and spreading the word about my program, they receive discounts on their own session as well as several model shoots throughout the year. They also receive perks for each referral they bring in. I wish I had something like this to be a part of when I was a senior!!!

You will learn more about each girl when I post their individual sessions. For now, I want to focus on how amazing our vintage themed model shoot turned out.

I started by renting gorgeous vintage props from Carolina. I then made sure I had a great hair and makeup artist team to help me get the girls looking the part. Each girl showed up with a casual outfit and a dressy outfit. I loved helping them decide which outfits to pick and I loved the fact that my house turned into a giant dressing room as girls were trying different looks and exchanging clothes and jewelry to help each other out. Each girl attends a different high school so most of them didn't know each other before hand. One of my favorite parts of the day was how quickly everyone became friends and how well they got along. That was exactly what I had envisioned beforehand and I'm so glad it played out the way I had dreamed it would. The forecast was calling for rain all week but we couldn't have asked for a prettier day. Thank God!!!

My awesome hairstylist Danielle did the girls hair and she brought along her friend Tiffany to do the girls makeup. Both girls did a phenomenal job! Extra props to Danielle who changed up all the girls hairstyles halfway through the shoot. She did eight formal updos in less than two hours! What a champ.

I had so much fun getting to know the girls better. Some of their moms came along so it was great to also get to know them. Like I said earlier, I couldn't be more excited about this team!! We had a blast taking pictures at a local park and then ending the day as the sun set behind us. I can't possibly show all of my favorites from this day but here are some of them.